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Appellate Division in New Jersey

Judicial Assignments for the New Jersey Appellate Division   Dorethea O'C. Wefing, Presiding Judge for Administration Pursuant to R. 2:13-1 (b) Ariel A. Rodriguez, Acting Presiding Judge for Administration Pursuant to R. 2:13-1 (b) Glenn A. Grant, Acting Administrative Director of the Courts Pursuant to R. 1:33-1 Carmen Messano, Deputy Presiding Judge for Administration Pursuant to R. 2:13-1 (b)   Part A Anthony J. Parrillo – Presiding Judge Jack M. Sabatino Douglas M. Fasciale Susan F. Maven, t/a   Part B Mary Catherine Cuff – Presiding Judge Marie P. Simonelli Ellen L. Koblitz Allison E. Accurso, t/a   Part C Edith K. Payne – Presiding Judge (September 1, 2012 to October 15, 2012) Susan L. Reisner – PJ (effective October 16, 2012) Joseph L. Yannotti Jonathan N. Harris Richard S. Hoffman, t/a   Part D Francine I. Axelrad – Presiding Judge Paulette Sapp-Peterson William E. Nugent Michael J. Haas, t/a   Part E Carmen Messano – Presiding Judge Marie E. Lihotz Mitchel E. Ostrer John C. Kennedy   Part F Clarkson S. Fisher, Jr – Presiding Judge Carmen H. Alverez Alexander P. Waugh, Jr. Jerome M. St. John   Part G Ariel A. Rodriguez – Presiding Judge Ronald B. Graves Marianne Espinosa Michael A. Guadagno, t/a   Part H Jose L. Fuentes – Presiding Judge Jane Grall Victor Ashrafi Margaret M. Hayden

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