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Calculating Your Child Support Obligation

Posted by Matt Rooney | Aug 02, 2013 | 0 Comments


Child support in New Jersey is calculated pursuant to the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines set forth in Court Rule 5:6A. To say that the Guidelines are complex is an understatement. The contents of the Guidelines which include text, charts, and plenty of mathematics total well over 100 pages.

It would take forever to figure out by hand! That's why New Jersey courts and attorneys use computer software to calculate child support award. Click here to try a simplified child support calculator for yourself. It's extremely important, however, to note that this calculator is simplified. It's based on the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines but it is provided by the state for informational purposes only. In real life, the Court will consider a number of additional variables including, but definitely not limited to: mandatory pension contributions, other dependent deductions and medical insurance payments in arriving at a final support award. There are also a few special circumstances – such as when a dependent child is living away at college and when the parents have a combined high net income – wherein the Court will not calculate support according to the Guidelines. Figuring out the quality of each variable can also prove complicated; for example, not all monies received by a party are necessarily considered income for the purposed of calculating child support. This calculator does take into account many of the key factors including (1) custodial status, (2) the allocation of overnights between the parents, (3) each parties' respective gross incomes, (4) tax filing status and (5) the existence of any prior support orders. Ultimately, this calculator is provided to help acquaint litigants with the process of determining child support; it is not a guarantee of what the Court will decide in your case, for your family, based upon your unique circumstances. Child support can be as complicated as it is important to your family's well-being. If you have specific questions involving the calculation of a child support obligation, then please don't hesitate to contact the South Jersey child support attorneys at DeMichele and DeMichele. Call (856) 546-1350 today to schedule your confidential consultation with an experienced child support and family law attorney.

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