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Criticism of Evesham’s “Safe Corridor” stirs debate

Posted by Richard DeMichele | Dec 03, 2015 | 0 Comments

Motorist Gives Opinion on Evesham Township “Safe Corridor”

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, the Courier Post newspaper printed an op-ed piece by Michael Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman described what he believed was unfair treatment in the Evesham Township Municipal Court. The full text of Mr. Zimmerman's op-ed can be seen by clicking here. I was not present for Mr. Zimmerman's trial so I cannot comment on the quality or quantity of evidence that the court considered. I do know that for guilty pleas or convictions in Evesham's “Safe Corridor” along Route 73 (approximate mileposts 21.43 to 25.78) the traffic fines are doubled. That is because the State of New Jersey has designated a portion of route 73 that runs through Evesham Township a “Safe Corridor.”  According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, Under New Jersey's Safe Corridor Program, the ‘Safe Corridors' were designated based on traffic fatalities, total number of crashes and crash rates compared to Statewide Average Rates for similar roadway sections. These corridors, generally divided arterials, were legislated into existence so that signs could be posted and fines doubled for various moving violations within the corridor limits.” Some people, like the writer of the op-ed, believe the Safe Corridor program is truly aimed at doubling fines as opposed to maintaining public safety. Whether the safe corridor program has made the designated roadways safer is up for debate. It is uncontroverted, however, that if you are issued a ticket in a “safe corridor,” the fines you will pay for a guilty plea or conviction are doubled. Given the doubled fine, defending a traffic ticket that has been issued in a safe corridor is important.  We have previously detailed our efforts to defend clients who were issued traffic tickets in the Evesham Township and particularly Safe Corridor on Route 73:

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